Mutual Aid Projects in Plano

There are now at least two mutual aid projects active in the Plano area. Network 1 – Allen – North and West Plano FB Group: Allen-Plano Community Grocery Service Contact person: Nida Rehman Volunteer Signup form: Allen-Plano Volunteer Signup Form To request help: Help Request Form To Donate: Venmo – @nida-rehman Zelle – 972-984-8335 Paypal […]

Report Back from the Symbiosis Congress of Municipal Movements

Last weekend I attended the Symbiosis Congress of Municipal Movements in Detroit. This was the first ever event of its kind in North America in bringing together delegates from groups all around the continent practicing direct democracy and grassroots activism. There were roughly 150 participants at the conference with especially large contingents from Portland, Olympia, […]

What does ‘City of Excellence’ mean to Cooperation Plano?

A key feature of the Municipalism is that the practice should be unique in each community it is engaged. In Plano, then, our community of Municipalist practice should be unique to and appropriate for Plano. So what would this mean for us? How could Municipalist practice be specially adapted to and made appropriate for the […]

Why Cooperation Plano?

Inspired by the global Municipalist movement, and specifically by the North American Symbiosis Revolution project, Cooperation Plano is an attempt to put Plano, Texas on the Municipalist map. The nature of the Municipalist project is that in each community, members of the community will practice face to face direct democracy and also engage materially in […]