Community Maps

This will be the first project of Cooperation Plano.

A series of comprehensive maps of our community at different geographic, social, and economic levels.

  • Geographic maps that suggest neighborhood delineations and locations for face-to-face assemblies in each neighborhood.
  • Ecological maps that clarify the natural geography and ecological flows that exist in Plano, such as watersheds, and migration paths, and so forth.
  • Demographic maps which allow users to view the population of our community organized by economic, linguistic, and other demographic indices.
  • Resource maps which point out cooperative businesses and other resources that community members can utilize for taking care of everyday practical needs.
  • Activity maps which highlight important current events in the community such as construction and demolition, meetings of various kinds (including neighborhood assemblies), and other important happenings in our city.

Are you a mapmaker or do you have maps already that could form part of this collection?

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