Neighborhood Assemblies

A fundamental pillar of Municipalist practice is direct democracy that involves face to face meetings in the places where people live.

Cooperation Plano will facilitate the organization of neighborhood assemblies throughout the city where everyone living in Plano will have a face-to-face assembly that they can participate in, ideally within walking distance of their home. Of course accommodations may be made for remote participation, and attempts should be made to include those unable or uncomfortable with in-person assemblies, but nonetheless, regular face-to-face assemblies should exist for every neighborhood in Plano.

And, while it is for the members of each assembly to determine their own style and habits for meeting, certain basic community agreements should be in place so that each assembly can play its role in the larger Cooperation Plano and Municipalist projects. Namely, gatherings should be open to everyone who lives in a given community, regardless of economic or other status, and each one who participates should do so simply as a human being, as opposed to a representative of any other cause or organization. In community assemblies, each person’s worth is equal, and efforts should be made to counter engrained biases that tend to favor certain voices in community.

Community Assemblies can be held indoors or outdoors, but the important thing is that they be accessible and welcoming to all community members.

While the organization and execution of meetings will be the responsibility of each community, meeting times and places can be published through this website as a repository that community members in all neighborhoods can refer to.

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