Cooperative Living

Shelter is a fundamental need of all human beings, and a primary determinant of all communities is the way that humans in a community are sheltered.

Cooperation Plano will seek to facilitate the development of both formal co-housing communities and informal cooperative living arrangements.

At present, a great deal of energy is wasted in the current model of single-family residences. In addition to being inefficient, they cause a great deal of economic stress for each household required to maintain an entire self-contained community, but this model of living results in social isolation and unhappiness for many.

Cooperation Plano will then seek to assist in the formation of formal establishment of Co–housing communities, either by retro-fitting existing structures or by creating new structures, wherein a balance can be struck between personal and shared space and resources.

Additionally, Cooperation Plano will serve as a networking hub for informal shared living arrangements, and a guide and resource for those who would like to enter into such shared arrangements, or who have resources and space to offer and share with others.

By increasing the degree of cooperation in meeting the basic need of shelter and accommodation, members of the community may enjoy greater economic autonomy as well as deeper social and community connections.

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