Something New Must Emerge

Let’s start with the cities.

In every city around the world, in every neighborhood of 100 or so households, there should be a meeting place. A physical place where all the residents of the neighborhood can physically gather together and physically be seen by one another.

There should be a gathering in each neighborhood at least once a month, but more often as needed, and at each general meeting the members of each neighborhood should discuss the most urgent matters facing the community and the world at large.

It is important that the neighborhood general assembly does not have a leader, and that power or any kind of authority always remain in the community itself rather than invested in any kind of abstract bureaucracy associated with the intentional process of coming together.

Each community gathering will have to adopt the specific practices that allow meetings to be held in an egalitarian and functionally practical manner so that all residents are able to participate as much as they wish. To that end, it is of utmost importance that all community members participate simply as themselves, that is, as human beings who live in the neighborhood, rather than as representatives of any specific group other than that.


Neighborhood assemblies should choose one or several representatives (perhaps one per fifty or hundred residents would be a good rule of thumb) to participate in a wider gathering of neighborhood assemblies. These should also take place around once per month, and should involve around ten neighborhoods. The location for the neighborhood confederation gathering should be selected to ensure convenient and safe access for all delegates from all neighborhoods in the given confederation. At the monthly (or otherwise periodic) gatherings, the delegates from each neighborhood would discuss matters facing the confederated area as a whole, as well as issues facing individual neighborhoods which they would like brought to the attention of the wider gathering. It would be important that the delegates of each neighborhood speak not for themselves and much less for any special group they might be a part of, but that they simply carry out their delegated responsibilities as mandated by their home neighborhood.

Beyond the level of neighborhood confederations, there should be higher levels of confederation reaching all the way to the global level, wherein all of humankind is connected in a single non-hierarchical network. In these confederations and groupings going from the level of individual neighborhoods to the level of the global whole, it is crucial that none of the groupings and associations take on any power in and of themselves in any abstract bureaucratic form. Rather, each nested level of confederation should simply be a functional affair wherein the needs and wishes of the people in each neighborhood are communicated and made known to the people in every other neighborhood. And hence, made available for cooperative consideration.


The way in which neighborhood assemblies gain and exercise real power is by virtue of the ability to participate (or refuse to participate) en masse. And this can be done at a neighborhood level all the way up to the global level. For instance, if it is understood and widely communicated that a certain corporation were polluting the water supply of a community of people, then many neighborhoods could easily and quickly boycott that corporation (and all entities cooperating with that corporation) until they changed their harmful behavior.

So, from the level of an an individual neighborhood, all the way up to the level of the global “neighborhood”, humankind itself would have a great and very agile power to advocate and act in its own best interests.

That power is currently lacking now, and as a result, global affairs are not being managed in the best interests of humankind as a whole.

Published by Noah Skocilich

Born 13 June 1977 in Eureka, CA and traveling ever since.

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