What is Cooperation Plano?

Cooperation Plano is essentially a group of people who live in the Plano area who want to make the best possible use of their energy in creating an altogether improved condition for all life on Earth.

The general approach of this community recognizes that seemingly disparate patterns and conditions are connected by the basic social relations of humans to one another, and by extension to the natural world.

Specifically, in the currently dominant paradigm of social relationships, societies and social systems are rooted in hierarchical structures, with the result that exploitation is widespread and destructive.

Cooperation Plano recognizes that what is necessary to address humankind’s myriad social and ecological problems is a widespread conversion to a more organic pattern of social relations, namely a non-hierarchical and decentralized pattern of cooperative collaboration.

Realizing the need to change the basic pattern of human social relations, the neighborhood and the city seem to be the contexts in which such new social arrangements can be practiced and also given real force in material conditions.

Of course isolated activity in any one city cannot change all of global society however, so Cooperation Plano acts in concert with a constellation of similar “Municipalist” organizations in communities around the world working along similar lines.

Published by Noah Skocilich

Born 13 June 1977 in Eureka, CA and traveling ever since.

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