Everyone knows that our current social and political systems aren’t working, but nobody seems to knows what to do about it or what kind of a system would be better. Cooperation Plano is a political project to bring people together into formal systems of cooperation in ways that directly create a new and better system.

Cooperation Plano is not a political project in the conventional sense, but it starts with the assumption that true politics is the shared responsibility of all and seeks to create the conditions within which ordinary men and women can participate in the social, political, and economic lives of their community.

Urban Planning Reading List

The Tyranny of Structureless Jo Freeman, 1972 Рpublished in The Second Wave Read the full essay online Contrary to what we would like to believe, there is no such thing as a structureless group. Any group of people of whatever nature that comes together for any length of time for any purpose will inevitably…

What is Cooperation Plano?

Cooperation Plano is essentially a group of people who live in the Plano area who want to make the best possible use of their energy in creating an altogether improved condition for all life on Earth. The general approach of this community recognizes that seemingly disparate patterns and conditions are connected by the basic social…

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