What is ‘Cooperation Plano’

Cooperation Plano is a radical political project based in the understanding that the most effective way to make positive change in the world is for human beings to organize at the local and municipal level, and to coordinate with other communities doing the same.

While eschewing traditional forms of political activism, it is not true that Cooperation Plano is a non-political process, or that it transcends or mediates a Left/Right distinction. Cooperation Plano is an explicitly political project, and moreover an explicitly Leftist political project.

Rooted in the thinking of Social Ecology, and aligned with Left Libertarian, Municipalist, and Communalist thinking, Cooperation Plano aims at nothing less than a transformation of all of human society. But, for practical reasons, and precisely to be able to best contribute to such a transformation, Cooperation Plano is a local project, whose activity and organization take place primarily in the City of Plano.

Specifically, Cooperation Plano will engage Plano residents to participate in egalitarian direct democracy and mutual aid, and to form and support worker-owned businesses and practice cooperative economics generally. The goal of these activities will be to demonstrate the functioning of a truly democratic society wherein it can be not just dreamed, but actually lived and experienced, and where Plano citizens and also all those who come in contact with Plano will see for themselves how direct democracy and cooperative economics create not just a fairer and better functioning society, but a happier and more beautiful one.

Published by Noah Skocilich

Born 13 June 1977 in Eureka, CA and traveling ever since.

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